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The Polish oil and gas company has paid the largest tax in the country's history on the funds paid to it by a court decision by the Russian Gazprom. This, as reported by “Prime”, on the air of Polish television said the chairman of the board of PGNiG Jerzy Kwieczyński.

As Rambler wrote, PGNiG filed against Gazprom in an arbitration court in Stockholm, since, according to Warsaw, the cost of gas under the agreements was overstated. On March 30, PGNiG announced that the court decided to adjust the contract price, due to which the Polish company expected to receive about $ 1.5 billion. As a result, the Russian company paid Poland $ 1.606 billion in fines, after which Warsaw returned $ 90 million.

According to Kveczynski, the company paid an income tax of 1.14 billion zlotys (about $ 300 million) from this money.

“This was the largest amount in the history of our country that any company paid to the budget of our state,” he stressed.

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