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The Russian airline S7 Airlines and the Association of Aviation Medicine Physicians are launching a loyalty program for medical workers, according to which they receive privileges and when buying a ticket can make a note whether they are ready to provide first aid on board, the carrier said.

“S7 Airlines, together with the Association of Aviation Medicine Physicians (AVAM), are launching the first program in Russia for medical workers who travel. Thanks to ABAM's partnership with the S7 Priority loyalty program, medical workers who choose S7 Airlines flights for their travels will receive additional privileges.” , – the message says.

When buying an air ticket or in the “My bookings” section on s7.ru, program participants, if they wish, can mark whether they are ready to provide first aid. The information is transmitted to the crew in advance, and at the right time the flight attendant can seek advice from a medical worker. The decision to provide assistance always rests with the doctor, and access to privileges does not depend on him – they are received by all members of the Doctors on Board program.

Doctors on Board receive a 10% discount on all S7 Airlines own flights, 20% more miles for each flight, free seat selection, one excess baggage allowance and priority check-in at the airport at business desks -class. Additional bonuses – 5 thousand welcome miles for registering in the program and 1 thousand miles for completing educational courses from ABAM.

The company notes that the goal of the program is to improve the level of passenger safety and support doctors. One of the first participants in the program was Denis Protsenko, the head physician of GKB # 40.

“The Doctors on Board” program deals with another aspect of caring for a passenger in flight – providing qualified first aid if necessary. Of course, flight attendants can also do this – they are fully prepared, but consultation with a specialist with medical education will always be preferable … At the same time, we would like the doctors, whose work is invaluable, to be able to travel with great comfort, “the words of Tatiana Fileva, Chairman of the Board of Directors of S7 Airlines, First Deputy General Director of S7 Group, are quoted in the message.

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