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Becoming a COVID industry

Sergey Fadeichev / TASS

According to the decree of the Moscow Mayor No. 55-UM of May 7, employers will be required to test their employees for coronavirus. Namely, from May 12 to May 31, at least 10% of employees who continue to physically go to work will need to be tested. And from June 1, this procedure will need to be repeated every 15 calendar days. The finish line is not registered.

Thus, it turns out that, at least in the next month and a half, employers should check a third of the staff for coronavirus. It doesn’t matter if all these employees have any symptoms. Another paragraph of the decree states that the employer must ensure that blood is taken from workers for analysis on antibodies. Antibody tests themselves will be paid by the city.

What are the amounts in general? Earlier in the city hall they said that they issued 3.2 million passes (not all of them are workers, but probably most of them). Then 900 thousand were canceled, then somehow restored. But from May 12, employees of industrial enterprises and builders will be able to go to work. Given all this, we will proceed from the fact that 3 million people will continue to go to work in Moscow. So over the next 45 days, employers will need to pay a million tests for COVID-19. Each costs about 2 thousand. Plus pay for the biomaterial sampling for the antibody test. Departure procedure – 700 rubles. This will cost business 2.7 billion rubles in a month and a half. And what to do, the director of Profil Doors, Boris Kuznetsov, wonders, after which over a thousand employees go into production after the holidays.

– We will definitely do what to do? With so many workers, the risk of infection is quite large. Still, this is quite expensive, but, however, it will not hit the budget so much, after all, because it concerns health.

– That is, in your case, opening an enterprise, working and regularly testing is more profitable than downtime?

– Of course.

But employers will need to not only pay for tests, but also introduce new control measures in the workplace. In particular, to measure the temperature of employees at least once every four hours. So, we will measure, says Beniaminov, vice president of the Clean Line group of companies

Armen Beniaminov, vice president of the Chistaya Liniya group of companies: “I would not want it to turn into a bureaucracy – if you keep magazines and so on. In my opinion, this should be left to the consideration of enterprises, because we all really do not want to … There is no need to think that we will think how to get around it. If this really helps to stop the development of coronavirus, this epidemic, of course, we will do it. “

Returning to billions. The fact that the city will pay for antibody tests, said Anastasia Rakova, deputy mayor of Moscow on social development issues. But someone will make them anyway. In the market, an antibody test in Moscow today costs 5 thousand rubles. The city, for sure, will make a discount for wholesale, but nonetheless. We add to the calculations for the coronavirus test with a million tested, and we find that only on tests in the next month and a half should earn about 7.5 billion rubles.

And then we take another paragraph of the decree on the “mask-glove mode”. And we consider. One mask costs 35 rubles. A pair of signets 20. A Muscovite who gets to work by public transport so as not to run into a fine (there is no question of health here) needs two masks and two pairs of gloves per day. This is 110 rubles a day, or almost 5 thousand for a month and a half. Feel free to assume that half of the workers today drive their cars and will not wear masks and gloves. It turns out that thanks to the introduction of the “mask and glove regime”, manufacturers of these goods will soon earn another 7.5 billion rubles. And then it’s interesting to watch the tenders.

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